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Hi, I'm Dr. John Cowan and I'd like to personally thank you for visiting our website. It is my hope that after you get a chance to look through our web site you'll decide to choose the Cowan Chiropractic Clinic for your chiropractic health care.

We are a progressive health care facility that since its inception in 1976 has focused on guiding patients through a proactive model of preventative stay well care.

We have had the privilege of serving more than 18,000 area residents and are proud to have been honored by Governor John Engler as "having earned the reputation as one of the states finest chiropractic clinics.
For over three decades, the Cowan Chiropractic Clinic has delivered a sensible, proactive approach to preventative spinal health care and fitness with a program of spinal adjustments, targeted stretching and core exercise. We also offer massage, orthotics, nutritional supplements and classes in health living, such as body detoxification, proper eating habits, weight management, smoking cessation, and stress control. The care you receive here is designed to keep you healthy and prevent chronic conditions from occurring. With chiropractic care and good lifestyle choices, life should be like a candle, burning brightly to the very end, flickering once or twice and then going out. It should not be, as author Elbert Hubbard said, “Just one darn thing after another.” Prevention and good lifestyle choices will decrease the incidence of sickness and disease and dramatically lower the cost of health care!

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*We are open most Saturday's but not all. Please call or check our calendar before stopping by.
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Safe snow shoveling!
With all the heavy snow this winter season it's easy to over do it. Be careful of your back while shoveling! Proper shoveling techniques can save you from a episode of low back pain. ...but remember, we're here to help if you need us!

Thanks to Dr. Scott Gillman of Natick, MA for this instructional video

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