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Hi, I'm Dr. John Cowan and I'd like to personally thank you for visiting our website. It is my hope that after you get a chance to look through our web site you’ll decide to choose the Cowan Chiropractic Clinic for your chiropractic health care.

We are a progressive health care facility that since its inception in 1976 has focused on guiding patients through a proactive model of preventative 'stay well’ care.

We have had the privilege of serving more than 18,000 area residents and are proud to have been honored by Governor John Engler as "having earned the reputation as one of the states finest chiropractic clinics.”

Choosing a chiropractor can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know much about their background. So let me share a little of mine with you.


Teaching People about Health...
My father died of a heart attack at just 60 years of age. Several factors including smoking, stress and a lack of regular exercise contributed to his early death. Teaching people the life extending benefits of healthy living has been a driving force in my practice since day one. Maybe some of you still remember my weekly radio show “Chiropractic and Your Health” on 1460 AM or my weekly cable television show “A difference of Opinion” which aired in more than 60 cities across the United States. I’m always available to speak at clubs, organizations, churches and schools. It’s never too early to learn about good health.

President of the State Chiropractic Association…
In 1986, I was elected president of the state chiropractic association. I spent 2 years in Lansing showing lawmakers the chiropractic point of view. One of my most notable achievements was contributing to the design of the scoliosis screening guidelines developed by the Michigan Department of Public Health. Today these guidelines are used across the state.

Chiropractic Spokesman…
As president of the state chiropractic association I was in the unique position of being the professions spokesman. In my 2 years as president I did over 50 radio and television interviews.

Representative to the International Chiropractors Association…
I was elected Michigan representative to the International Chiropractors Association in Washington D.C. This was a great experience. I met with important figures like Senators Ted Kennedy and Bob Dole. In 1988 I became the chiropractic liaison to the Bush/Quayle campaign. After winning the election, I was invited to the White House. The meeting led to the first appointment ever of a chiropractor to the Department of Health and Human Services. This was probably my single most important contribution to my profession.

As a child I went through the entire scouting program. Scouting taught me a lot about working within a group, about personal potential, about nature and about self-reliance. Today I’m still strongly involved in scouting as Cubmaster of my sons Pack.

Chiropractor to the Stars…One of the most exciting events of my career has been being the in-house chiropractor at Pine Knob and the Fisher Theater.
Debbie Gibson - Chicago - Whitesnake - Detroit Pistons - Bengals - Marie Osmond

Little League Baseball…
Little league baseball is truly a Cowan family event. Cowan Chiropractic Clinic sponsors the team, my wife April and niece Rachel and I manage it and my sons Nicholas and Nathan are players.

The Cowan Chiropractic Running Team…We really do practice what we preach about prevention and good health. Our staff competes in many different road races around Michigan including the Bobby Crim Race and Clarkston Fun Daze.

Honored by Governor John Engler…
On January 5, 2001 Governor John Engler honored the Cowan Chiropractic Clinic as “having earned the reputation as one of our state’s finest chiropractic clinics.”

But my Favorite Job is…
My patients range from newborn to 104 years of age. Having the privilege of being their chiropractor is my favorite job of all. I love and appreciate each and every one of them and am grateful for the confidence they have shown over the years by referring their family and friends.

I hope to one day be known as your chiropractor too. Take time to browse through our web site, there is a great deal of information here. And, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or E-mail me.

Thank you,
Dr. John S. Cowan, B.S., D.C.
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