Tammie HealitWe would like to welcome Tammie Heazlit to our team. Tammie brings 17 years of experience in the field of massage therapy, she was trained at the world renowned Utah College of Massage Therapy. Her primary focus is as a movement oriented practioner.

While all massage is healthy for the body, therapeutic practitioners work more specifically with muscle and possibley more importantly , fascia. Connective tissue is everywhere in the body, even down to a cellular level. When an individual becomes dehydrated and performs repetitive motion of any kind, fascia sticks to itself and created adhesions that hold mucles in a contracted position, leading to spinal misalignments and eventually to discomfort and pain. Tammie focuses releasing these adhesions in the fascia using a variety of therapeutic techniques, including dynamic cupping. Cupping lifts the tissue, creating space, facilitates micor stretching, rehydrates, reoxygenates and detoxifies, and can affect up to 4 inches into the body. Tammie has found that frequently a single session can release holding patterns that have been present for years.