New Patient Information

New Patient ImageThe fastest and easiest way to schedule your appointment with one of our doctors is to contact our office at (248) 625-7600. One of our trained CA's will find a date and time that is convenient for your schedule. She will take your insurance information, if applicable, and verify your coverage and check your benefits to the best of her ability, prior to your visit so they are no surprises. If you are able to, prior to your appointment, feel free to fill out our New Patient forms and bring them with you. This will save time on your initial visit. If you don't have an opportunity to complete these, don't worry they can be done quickly in the office

If you would like a copy of our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices please, Click here to view and download.

Please don't delay as the majority of health conditions tend to worsen or reoccur without the appropriate care.


April Cowan, Clinic Director